Who we are

It has been more than 20 years since we worked in the clothing industry. Ever since the year 2010, we have been engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of clothing for internationally well-known brands. Together with Ms.J, the founder, we have staggered through an extremely difficult path from the very beginning until the abrupt outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. Fortunately, we eventually withstood all ordeals. Nowadays, there are approximately about 300 employees in our big family. We express our most sincere gratitude to God for what we have been given.

This year, inspired by the repeated suggestions from some of our old clients, we came up with the idea of opening our own online clothing store. In addition to carefully selecting and selling fashionable and exquisite clothes all over the world, we also planned to create our own brand. Therefore, after half a year of serious and careful preparations and arrangements, our first online clothing store opened.

From the fabrics, and designs to techniques, all products have been carefully chosen and selected by us, incorporating our understanding of fashion and our pursuit of quality as always. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing products of fashion and comfort, as well as superior after-sales service. If you have any unpleasant experiences of purchasing or any questions to ask, please feel free to contact us whenever you like.